Friday, 26 December 2008

Arent I Spoilt

My lovely other half has listened to me waffling on about these pencils and the ''gamsol'' technique forever so for Christmas got me the whole set!!! I will go into more details on the ''gamsol'' technique later with a finished example. He got them from a lovely man named Tony at a price i can only describe as an absolute bargain and a half. He has sets ranging from 12, 24, 48, 120 and you also get free 12 verithin pencils and a colourless blender pencil. He does not have a shop or a website but trades by word of mouth. Even with christmas post and postal strikes the pencils were delivered within days of ordering and superbly packaged. If you would like more info please leave me a message or e-mail me for his details.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

I have been Tagged

The Lovely Lindsay Mason over at has very kindly decided to tag me!! So the general rule is if i choose to accept it to tell 7 things about myself that might not be widely know and then tag 7 other people. So this is going to be a work in progress as it is actually quite hard to think of 7 things that not many people know as I'm pretty much an open book haha.

1) I hated cats until I found my 4 kittens and now I like nothing more than taking care of them. I found them about 2 years ago now. They were abandoned by their mom at around 8 days old and and were half dead when I found them. After rushing them to the vets I managed to keep all 4 alive with the help of my aunty and my mom who took it in turns feeding them every 2 hours for about 2 weeks. They are all now my boys Patch and Woddewick and girls Tiger and Stumpalina. Stumpalina we thought was a boy and called stumpy because she only has half a tail but the name had already stuck when we found out she was a girl.

2) I love playing with ink and getting messy and even have special ''get messy' clothes LOL.

3) I adore Christmas time and get called annoying alot as I love singing Christmas songs but I suck at singing so i'm told.

4) I hate sleeping when its not in my own bed so I dont travel too far from home.

5) I hate horror movies, cant stand them. This causes alot of problems around Halloween as my partner loves them LOL

6) I Feint at the sight of blood which caused a few problems when i had to have blood samples taken. I had to go to the doctors office and they couldn't find a vein, made me throw up then feinted. After that i get sent to hospital for it done laying down and i cant drive myself LOL.

7) I love the telly series House, which is strange considering i don't like blood.

Now who to pass it on to. I think that limiting this to 7 people is abit hard and people can feel pressured into doing something they may not want to so anyone who wants to do it is welcome to join in.

Saturday, 6 December 2008


A little project i have been working on is one of them cubes if you remember from being a child that when you opened it up and folded it back showed a different image. This was my first attempt using ink and stamps. The stamps are from graphicus and the ink was various shades of green that i could put my hands on. Not bad for a first attempt but i do plan to take it apart and do it again working out how to make cleaner edges and better folds.