Friday, 23 January 2009


Today we say a loving goodbye to my Grandma Mary Jones who sadly lost her battle with cervical cancer and died in the early hours of this morning. Missing you allready.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Unexpected first post

Well this year has started off pretty badly so far, First of all grandma became very ill with a virus, then had another virus and has spent more time in hospital than at home. With her immune system being so weak from the chemotherapy for her cervical cancer this is not a uncommon occurrence apparently, but all the same its not a nice thing to happen. Then to make matters worse Patch decided to have his breakfast yesterday go out and come back with a half mangled jaw, naturally i was in full panic mode and carried him off to the lovely vets inside pets at home in huddersfield who cleaned him up, the very handsome vet described it as the equivalent of a bad bruise so not to worry. He had pain killers which made him stoned all night and an antibiotic jab and an antiseptic wash to take home for me to do every day and cost me a small fortune but he is going to be fine thats what counts. Tho i must admit seeing him in pain did make me cry too, im such a wimp. Well lets hope i can get some crafting done and finish off some gamsol cards!!