Sunday, 21 August 2011

We have moved!

Not sure how I forgot to do this but it seems I moved blog and forgot to write it here so! Many apologies to my followers, I am so crap! So if you would like to come on over to my new blog, when I reach 50 subscribers (I am 3 away) I will be giving up some fab candy!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Rubber Stamp Sale

Well moving out is getting closer, having to make a dramatic downsize of my crafting goodness as I will not have the space in my own home that I have at my mom's house so I am adding loads of rubber stamps to my Stash Sale Blog. If you like Magnolia, Sarah Kay and whiff of joy stamps keep checking back as I will be uploading loads of them today and tomorrow as I go through my box's.  All my stamps are well looked after and treated with care! Most are still like new and don't even look used, some aren't used at all. I am doing free postage to the UK But will have to ask for something towards postage overseas.